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Experienced Counsel For Divorce And Family Law In The Stamford Area

Dissolving a marriage is complex and daunting. Where do you even start to untie the legal, financial and emotional knots?

You start with an established lawyer who can capably troubleshoot your divorce and guide you through the process. In 45-plus years of practicing law, I have helped countless clients navigate divorce and all the parallel legal issues.

Businesses, Real Estate And Complex Property Division In Divorce

I represent a diverse clientele that includes business owners, executives, professionals, retirees and others who have amassed significant wealth over the course of a marriage. I can knowledgeably address the equitable distribution of property under Connecticut law as it applies to:

  • What to do with the marital residence
  • Valuation of a closely held business or professional practice
  • Vacation homes or investment real estate
  • Dividing retirement accounts and investments
  • Debts and contractual obligations
  • Separate property or prenuptial agreements
  • Secret accounts or transfers of assets

We Look At Your Divorce From Every Angle

Property division is not the only issue. You may be chiefly concerned with custody of your children and the co-parenting arrangements, or parent relocation after divorce. Will there be alimony (spousal support)? How much in child support? What are the tax implications of your divorce? How will this affect your retirement plans? What does divorce mean for your business or partnership?

I will help you devise a comprehensive approach that reflects your goals and leaves you in the most favorable position when all is said and done.

Smart Counsel And Strong Representation

Last but not least is how you will get divorced. Can you work things out or do you expect a fight? My broad legal experience and background as a mediator, arbitrator and special master (similar to a judge) helps me assess your situation and advise accordingly.

I encourage negotiation and mediation to resolve as many disputes as possible, but sometimes litigation is the only way forward. As a veteran of many divorce cases, you can count on me to vigorously protect your interests in or out of court.

Let’s Talk It Through

I offer a 30-minute free initial consultation, an informal discussion to gauge where things stand and how to proceed. Call 203-357-9252 or contact me online. The Law Offices of Mark F. Katz serves Stamford and surrounding communities of Fairfield County and the Gold Coast.